Friday, June 27, 2008

Yay it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not much new here on the Robinson home front, just enjoying being husband and wife, and all that goes with that. We have had a busy, but very fun summer so far. I just finished up my summer class this week and will have off until the second week of August. We plan to get some things done with the house. Our upstairs has been done since right after we moved in, but I want to go shopping for decorations and such. We have been in the house for over a year and having nothing hang on the wall! Other than that I want to find some curtains for our bedroom. We have something up, but I do not really like them anymore. I change my mind often. The biggest project will be the bathroom in the basement. We are basically redoing it all together. I want a modern looking bathroom and while this one is nice, it is no where near modern. We are also trying to find a leather sectional that will fit where we want to put it. Apparently the size that we want is not common so it has been a trip to find something that we both like that will work. The only other project is changing a few things on our bar in the basement. The last owners apparently like teal counter tops, me not so much. I am excited to get it done. It will be really nice so that we have a great place to hang out in the winter to entertain, right now most our entertaining is done outside on the patio or upstairs. But if we host family Christmas this year we will need more room than that!

Ryan has also been working hard on the outside. We already have some really good landscaping thanks to the last owners so now our work (well mostly Ryan's) has just been fine tuning it and adding some things. It will be so nice once everything is done and we can sit back and enjoy it 100%, but I don' t think that ever happens anymore these days. There are several others things that we have seen at design centers that we would love to do, but it would be silly since this is not the house we plan on being in for a long time. Once we are about to have a second kiddo, we are gonna move. But that will be awhile since we don't plan on having the first bun in the oven for a few more years.

Other than house stuff we have my little sister's 21st birthday coming up on the 4th of July. We are going out on the 5th to celebrate at Fast Eddie's. The weekend after that we have a float trip with all of my friends from home. I am so excited that we get to go since it has been going on for several years now and we have not been able to go. Then we leave for Destin on July 18th and won't be home until the 25th. I am definitely looking forward to sitting on the beach and relaxing. Especially since once the end of summer and fall approaches we will be busy with weddings and all that goes along with those. Ryan and I are in several of them, so it will be a fun and busy time also. It will definitely be interesting to see my stress level once I have all that, work, and trying to keep up with my masters schedule.

I am gonna try and post some pics on here from our fun adventures together, but I cannot really figure it out. I am gonna need some help with this so whoever can offer some pointers that would be great! Well, now that I have probably wrote the longest blog ever, I am gonna get back to work!! Hope everyone has a fun and save weekend! God Bless!

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