Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Bloggy Award

I was excited when I returned from vacation and saw that I had received my first blog award from Lyryn @ She has an awesome blog that I love to read. I think she actually found my blog first, but I am so glad because I love reading her blog and looking at all the wonderful photographs she takes. Thanks a bunch Lyryn!

Honest Scrap Award

I am supposed to pass this along to 4 people. I made this decision based on picking some of the blogs that I love reading and those that are "real" with us in the bloggy world, so here I go:
1. Mika "That's What She Said" @
2. Kara "A Day in the Hay" @
3. Leigh "Sturdy Yet Fragile" @
4. Alaina "Three Ladies and a Dad" @
Along with passing this along to 4 bloggers I also must list 10 things about myself that you all may not know. I will do my best. :)
1. My favorite type of food is seafood. I love it all!
2. I'm terrified of losing my mother. It's not that I love her more than anyone else in my family, but the idea of losing her literally scares me to death.
3. In Key West I bought my dog Brodie a shirt that says "Margaritas Make my Tail Wag", I love dressing him in little t-shirts.
4. My favorite show is "One Tree Hill", I am addicted and cannot wait for it to start up again.
5. I still eat Spaghettio's at the age of 24.
6. I hope to have at least one baby by the time my husband is 30.
7. I have a love/hate relationship with dieting. I actually love eating healthy and the results I get, but somehow I have a hard time sticking to it. I know it makes no sense.
8. I love the freedom that having my own job gives, but at the same time when we have kids I also have a strong desire to be a SAHM.
9. I am addicted to getting Mani/Pedis, my husband will never understand it.
10. I am a huge procrastinator. I actually have got worse as I got older, it's definitely a problem I need to work on.
Can't wait to read what the winners say in their 10 things!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good News

So my sister had her appt. with the hematologist on Friday and we are so happy to find out that she will be okay. Turns out that she has severe anemia. Because she had such a low blood level her red blood cells basically quite fighting infections. This is why she was sick so much and also why she got a severe double kidney infection. She is on medicine that will help her and will just have to regularly get her blood level checked. If she gets too low she will need to get another transfusion. While this may sound bad, it is a lot better than the other alternatives they gave us. They told us that her symptoms were common of blood cancer and leukemia. We were all so scared and I am so thankful that she is going to be okay.

Today is my last day of work and then tomorrow morning we fly out to Key West. I plan to take lots of pics to show everyone. I am so excited. Lots to do here at work and then at home before the departure so I better get to it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

Last night at the last second we decided to go downtown to join in on the All Star Game festivities. We figured we should enjoy the experience even if we could not go to the game like we would have loved, but couldn't since the tickets were a bazillion $$. What is it with these brokers and scalpers buying practically all the tickets and selling them for wayyyyyyyy over face value? It should be illegal I think. The cheapest tickets we saw online was like $450 a seat, which would actually go for about $30 or less. It is absurd! Ok off my we went to Mike Shannon's with a couple of people and just soaked in all in. We had such a good time and from where sat on the patio we could see half of the stadium seats since it is an open stadium. I really enjoyed the pregame stuff, and it was amazing how loud it was when everyone cheered on Albert Pujols. Hopefully it won't be another forty something years until the All Star Game comes back to the Lou, the hubs and I are going no matter what next time. I am so glad that we went, although I am a bit sleepy today at work. I am not used to going out during the week.

On another note, 5 more days of work and then we go to Key West. I am definitely ready for this little getaway. We have lots of stress and I almost considered not going, but we decided it is probably best to just enjoy ourselves a little. I am getting excited!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Don't Get It...

Well I know I have been absent for awhile and I apologize, but I have been delaying this post, hoping that if I didn't actually write about it maybe it would not be reality. But then I decided that I would probably feel better if I just talked about how I feel.
There is certainly one thing I love about blogging, I can let it all out, I do not have to worry about hurting any one's feelings, being the strong one, and I can just shed all my fears. Even if no one reads this I will still feel better, that I am sure of.

It all started almost two weeks ago. I received a call from home that my older sister Jess was in the hospital for a severe kidney infection. She has been sick many times these last several months and now this. She is so tired all the time and really is not herself. Something was wrong, they knew that. After some tests, they found out her blood levels were in the 7's, which they should be in the 13's according to her weight (about 7% of body weight). The decision was made to give her two units (bags) of blood. She started to feel much better after getting the blood and being on antibiotics for the infection in her kidneys. So now they know she is losing blood somehow and just need to figure out why. They did several tests, none of which has told us why this is happening. She is now home, with her blood level in the 9's. She is seeing a hematologist on Friday. I hope we find some answers. I don't understand why everything takes so long, if she is this sick, why does it take so long to get in to the specialist? They have given us several reasons, several of which are very scary, so right now I would rather not put them in writing. Please pray for my sister, she is only 28, with two kids, I am just so scared for her and praying and hoping for everything to be okay.

Along with this, my husband's mom told us yesterday that her best friend found out that she has stage 3-4 cancer in her ovaries and it has spread all over down in that area. They told her she has 25% of living up to 5 years. Just last week she went to the doctor because she was having a pain in her stomach area, he told her it was nothing but indigestion, she got a second opinion and now knows she will be facing the biggest fight of her life. She is such a sweet person, I just don't get it.

Thanks for letting me get this all out. I really do feel a little better.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on the Couch to 5K

So if you've been reading you know that I started this in late April.

I was doing really well and was halfway through week 5 and then busyness (is that a word?) struck. I completely slacked off. So now that I have pretty much lost most of the stamina from before, I decided I had to start over. So last week I began week #1, this is now week #2 and it is not as hard as before. I know the next few weeks will get harder. I will keep you all posted. :)