Monday, November 16, 2009

"Not Me Monday"

I did not wish for the Friday workday to be over so I could get a manicure and pedicure. While getting the pedicure I did not fall asleep and had to be woke up by the lady doing my pedicure.

On Saturday I did not sleep in far too long so that I was unable to finish laundry and pay the bills.

On Saturday I did not go to dinner with my mom, sister, and nephew and eat an obscene amount of food.

I did not also get some oh so yummy Cold Stone Creamery after we went to a movie.

I did not rub my sister's little baby bump because I hear that really annoys ladies that are expecting.

I did not procrastinate all day on Sunday to finish my paper for class. I also did not waste time on Facebook while I was supposed to be writing my paper.

I would never do these things. ;)

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Not Outnumbered Yet....

Remember this post where I shared the news of my lil sister expecting her 2nd child? Well on Wednesday evening she called and she is having a boy! I am not gonna lie I was secretly hoping for a girl (is that horrible of me?) but nonetheless I am so excited about the Mr.'s arrival in April. Either way Aunt Alicia was sure to spoil our newest family member like crazy. So the count is now 3 nephews and 1 niece. My dad is loving it. He was "blessed" with 3 girls, now he says the males are finally catching up. So far though us girls are hanging on my 1, we are not outnumbered yet........we shall see what happens in the years to come.

Britt does not have a name picked out yet and she is asking me for some suggestions, any ideas????

I will leave you will a joke, I have never heard this one, I'm sure it is old, but I thought it was kinda cute.

Why was Piglet crying?

Because he flushed Pooh.

Okay so maybe it is not pee your pants funny, but it got a giggle out of me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Bunco Time

Tonight I am hosting my very first Bunco night. My SIL and I started a group a few months back and this month it is my turn to host. It is awesome girl time!

Here is the menu:
Tuna Dip w/Wheat Thins
Layered Pizza Dip w/ Townhouse crackers
Party Rye Breads
Artichoke Cheese Dip w/ Pita or Bagel Chips
Pumpkin Pie Dip w/graham crackers

Ha, I just noticed that I am making a lot of dips. Oh well, I just hope that everything turns out edible. I am not much a cook. I am really trying to get better for my husband's sake. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One More Day......

Tomorrow I work a half day and then we are flying out to Chicago until Sunday. I am so excited because I have not been able to go there just for fun at all. I always hear how much fun it is and how the shopping is amazing, I cannot wait. We are going with another couple and staying at The Sax.

We plan to do a lot of perusing the Magnificent Mile, well at least us girls will, I doubt the guys will be interested for too long. I wish I would have planned for this a lot longer since I don't have much extra money for all the goodies I know I will find. I guess we shall see how much trouble I get myself in to with my credit card. I am going to really try to be a good girl. ;)

So this will be my last post until Monday unless I happen to blog from my phone.

I will leave you all with a picture of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell from Halloween. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As I promised........just a little delay

I know that this was supposed to be for Silent Sunday, but I inadvertently lost my cord for my camera. I found it last night so here is the before and after of the kitchen cabinet area.



Close up of the tile:

This reminds me that I did not take a picture of the basement bathroom with the linoleum, old vanity, and tiolet. I will take a picture tonight of the bathroom as it is now and then will post the finished product in December. I can't wait!