Friday, October 30, 2009

Back on the Saddle

First I want to apologize to those that read my blog. It has been way to long and I have missed blogger land oh so much. I had to take a long break to be able to get through a huge project for grad school, work trips, and long hours at work. The trips are done (at least for this year), the project is done, now I just have a few more assignments due and in 5 weeks I will be done with grad school, woo hoo!!!! The end of the year is always crazy at work, but I'm getting used to that.

Other than the stuff I mentioned above the hubs and I are remodeling our basement bathroom. I am so excited and everything was coming together smoothly until we went to order the vanity and what do you know, it is on back order until mid December. Grrr, now we are waiting.......I am so ready for it to be done. Honestly, I am most disappointed because I was hoping to have it done before I hosted Bunco at my house in a few weeks so I could show all the girls. :(

Here is the pesky, but oh so lovely vanity:

My birthday has also passed and Ryan surprised me with a gift that I love, love, love. Okay so maybe that is a little dramatic, but I was really excited to say the least. It goes back to our Destin trip this summer. Everyone was on Duval St. looking in this sunglasses store. I found this pair that I really liked. So Ryan tells me to try them on. The lady takes them out of the glass case and hands them to me, I put them on, look in the mirror, and I am in love. They are so cute! Ryan thinks they look great too and he all of a sudden agrees to buy them for me UNTIL we looked at the whopping price tag. They were Roberto Cavalli's, well to me that meant nothing, but apparently that means expensive. So months has passed and Ryan happens to see them at Solstice in the mall and they are still pretty expensive, but not quite as much as they were in FL. The lady informs him that if he signs up on their emailing list he will receive a 25% coupon in his email in 2 weeks as part of the friends and family event they would be having. So all in all he does all this and I get these so, so cute lil things for my birthday:

I am one lucky gal to have such a great hubby, I am touched that even remembered them let alone bought them for me! Too bad it has rarely been sunny hardly here in MO for the last few weeks.

In a few weeks we will find out what my sister is having. She is due April 10th. I am secretly hoping for a girl (right now I have 2 nephews and 1 niece), but really all I pray for is a healthy baby. My nephew Landon is 3 and he can't seem to decide what he would rather have, one day it is a baby sister, the next it is a baby brother, once he even said both were in his mommy's belly. He is so stinkin cute. Once I know I will share the news with you all and of course start visiting Etsy even more frequently. :)

This weekend is Halloween and we are attending a party at my friend's sister's bar. An 80's band from St. Louis called Johnny Rock-Itt will be there. It should be a blast, I am ready to dance the night away. Also, it is a costume party and Ryan and I are going as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Do not ask me how I convinced him to go as Peter Pan. There will be pictures to follow next week!

On Sunday I will showcase our newly remodeled kitchen. Really all we did was add little glass tiles on the backdrop of the counter tops, but I am very happy with the results so stay tuned.

Have a Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!

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