Friday, September 12, 2008

It is Friday!

I am soooooooooooo tired. We went to the Kenny Chesney concert last night. It rained on us, which kinda of stunk, but the show he put on made up for it. He literally played for almost 4 hours. I was not in bed until 1:30 am and so now I am at work trying to keep my eyes open. Just 30 more minutes!

Ryan is feeling awful this morning, which is tough on him since he is never sick. I think that since he rarely gets sick, he does not handle it too well. Hopefully he will start feeling better.

We have plans to head to Cape tomorrow and I am excited, just have to gets lots of errands done this afternoon and find someone to keep Brodie. The person we had lined up had to cancel. It is really like having a child, lol. Well gotta get off here and try to catch Ryan to discuss our new dilemma. I would be really disappointed if we can't figure it out and cannot go. :( Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gettin my hair did :)

So today I have a hair appt. I plan to get my hair cut and also dyed. The picture I have in this blog is similar to what I wanting it to be cut like. It is not too much different than what I have not just more of blunt cut. As far as the color I am have not fully decided, guess I will just make that decision once I get there. :) As always, I am nervous and excited to get a new do. Wish me luck!

Six Random Things About Me

1. I care too much about what people think about me. I know that most people do care what others think, but I seriously care too much.

2. I really would love to have a baby now, but my common sense kicks me in the butt everytime I think about it. I am just too busy right now with work and school, I would not be able to do the things with my baby that I would like to do. So a few more years. :)

3. I will only eat fresh green beans from the garden or green beans with cream of mushroom soup on them. This is something I have always did, so maybe I would like canned green beans without anything on them now, but I have not tried it.

4. I would love to retire and help Ryan build up his business. It is at a standstill right now because neither of us have time to anything extra. And if there was no business I would still want to retire. :)

5. I love sweet tea! Especially McDonald's, it tastes like my mom's and it is made with Splenda. No calories and tastes amazing! I also love soda, but I gave it up for the most part because of the calories and refuse to drink diet soda. So for now I will just enjoy my water and if I really need caffeine I just spring for the regular soda or iced tea.

6. The total of weddings that I attended this year is TEN! Four of which I am in. So that makes all 10 different bachelorette parties and 10 different bridal showers. So 30 weekends of 2008 are filled with wedding stuff. It is a good thing I love weddings and all that goes with them!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Year Later

So our one year anniversary has come and gone. I still cannot believe how fast the last year has flown by. We took a great trip to the Lake of the Ozarks Friday through Sunday and then headed back to St. Louis on Monday to continue celebrating our anniversary. It was great that our anniversary was on a holiday, that way neither of us had to work. Once we got home we relaxed for awhile and then headed to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants, Brio's. We also exchanged gifts. I gave Ryan a book with an inscription in it, a Zodiac watch, and a few shirts for the fall. He loved all of his gifts especially the watch and get this...the wristband on it actually has a cologne smell. I thought that it was pretty cool! I got a Tiffany's bracelet with a "Happy Annivesary" charm, an engraved wine bottle, and a beautiful clock for our house. I absolutely loved my my gifts! He did a wonderful job. It was so nice that we both were able to get something for each other in each of the traditional (paper) and modern (clock) categories for one year anniversaries. We just have one thing left to do and that is eat a piece of the top layer of our birthday cake. We forgot about in on Monday and I have had class all week so far. We are going to try and eat some of it tonight when I get back from class. Hopefully it is good. :) We had a great anniversary together and I was so happy that we were able to get to spend time together and just relax. I am looking forward to many more years of celebrating us!