Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend Is Here!

So it's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. This evening we are going out for sushi and I am really looking forward to it. Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend for one of Ryan's friend's. It should be a busy, but fun weekend!

Another good bit of news is we are finally ripping up our carpet and getting the hardwood underneath refinished the first week of May. It is going to be a pain moving all the furniture and ripping up the carpet, but I will be so thrilled when the hardwood is done.

Also, last Thursday when I was cleaning I found my missing earring! It was on the carpet where I had been doing an ab workout the day I lost it. I was so excited and relieved.

Well I don't have very much time on here since I am busy getting lots of loose ends tied up for my current job since a week from today I will be starting my new one. This was a pretty random blog, oh well! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So yesterday when I went to take a shower, I go to remove my diamond studs from my ears to find that I was only wearing one earring. At that point I began searching the entire house. This has happened one other time and I found it easily in our bed. This time I could not find it anywhere. I then went on to call Ryan and have a tearful conversation relaying what happened. He did not take it as hard as I did. :) He was very understanding and said it was no big deal we would just replace it. But I am crushed. These were a gift from Ryan on our wedding day and I have been wearing them every single day since then. Another one just won't have the same meaning.

I prayed and prayed to find it. Today still nothing.

I know a few of you are Catholic on here and you have a Saint that you pray to help with lost things. I would appreciate any prayers! I know this is not a life threatening situation, but I would be so so happy to find it.

On another note, I love Brad Paisley's new song "Then."