Thursday, April 2, 2009


So yesterday when I went to take a shower, I go to remove my diamond studs from my ears to find that I was only wearing one earring. At that point I began searching the entire house. This has happened one other time and I found it easily in our bed. This time I could not find it anywhere. I then went on to call Ryan and have a tearful conversation relaying what happened. He did not take it as hard as I did. :) He was very understanding and said it was no big deal we would just replace it. But I am crushed. These were a gift from Ryan on our wedding day and I have been wearing them every single day since then. Another one just won't have the same meaning.

I prayed and prayed to find it. Today still nothing.

I know a few of you are Catholic on here and you have a Saint that you pray to help with lost things. I would appreciate any prayers! I know this is not a life threatening situation, but I would be so so happy to find it.

On another note, I love Brad Paisley's new song "Then."

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Alaina said...

'm sorry they got stolen!

I think diamonds for a wedding present is bad luck. My diamond earring Jer got me for our wedding got STOLEN! But I still have the necklace but still, I understand how you sucks.

Just tell Ryan you need bigger ones to make it better! LOL

I will call you soon...we are setting up the Crawl for Cancer soon.

Love ya guys!