Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh No He Didn't!!

So here I am watching The Bachelor this past Monday and making my picks on who is the best for Jason. This episode was full of drama! But, of course I loved it. I was so excited when Jason went on a date with Nikki and Stephanie. I was sure he was going to send Stephanie home. She seriously is weird and looks like an old lady that has had tons of plastic surgery. But no, he sends Nikki home! I was shocked. Not that she is my favorite or that I thought she was the best for Jason, but Stephanie really needs to go. From now on I will be putting The Bachelor on Tivo since I start classes next Monday. :( I am bummed. Right now my two picks are Melissa and Molly, I cannot decide which I like best for him yet. Can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

About Time...

Well, it has been about a month since I blogged and truthfully there is nothing that I really need to blog about, but I figured I needed to let the blogger world know I am still alive. I have a hard time thinking about things to blog about. I enjoy reading other people's blogs, but most of the time I feel like there is nothing that I need to write that people would want to read. Also, I only know a few people on here so I know my readers can be counted on one hand, if that. Thanks for the occasionally comments Alaina, at least I know one person visits my blog. :)

A recap of the last month; the holidays went by fast and so did the two weeks that I was off work. This is my 3rd week back and I surely have not slowed down. It is busy as ever and I hope it slows down before I start classes back up in February because I will not have time to do all this overtime then. I just keep telling myself I will be done with school in December forever, hopefully.

With the new year also came new goals. I decided not to make resolutions since I rarely ever keep them so I decided to make monthly goals. I will not bore anyone with my goals for this month since the month is almost over, but at the beginning of next month I will reveal my monthly goals.

On another note I am ready for some warmer weather. I am over this cold, cold weather. It is so dreary.

Well back to work.