Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Bloggy Award

I was excited when I returned from vacation and saw that I had received my first blog award from Lyryn @ She has an awesome blog that I love to read. I think she actually found my blog first, but I am so glad because I love reading her blog and looking at all the wonderful photographs she takes. Thanks a bunch Lyryn!

Honest Scrap Award

I am supposed to pass this along to 4 people. I made this decision based on picking some of the blogs that I love reading and those that are "real" with us in the bloggy world, so here I go:
1. Mika "That's What She Said" @
2. Kara "A Day in the Hay" @
3. Leigh "Sturdy Yet Fragile" @
4. Alaina "Three Ladies and a Dad" @
Along with passing this along to 4 bloggers I also must list 10 things about myself that you all may not know. I will do my best. :)
1. My favorite type of food is seafood. I love it all!
2. I'm terrified of losing my mother. It's not that I love her more than anyone else in my family, but the idea of losing her literally scares me to death.
3. In Key West I bought my dog Brodie a shirt that says "Margaritas Make my Tail Wag", I love dressing him in little t-shirts.
4. My favorite show is "One Tree Hill", I am addicted and cannot wait for it to start up again.
5. I still eat Spaghettio's at the age of 24.
6. I hope to have at least one baby by the time my husband is 30.
7. I have a love/hate relationship with dieting. I actually love eating healthy and the results I get, but somehow I have a hard time sticking to it. I know it makes no sense.
8. I love the freedom that having my own job gives, but at the same time when we have kids I also have a strong desire to be a SAHM.
9. I am addicted to getting Mani/Pedis, my husband will never understand it.
10. I am a huge procrastinator. I actually have got worse as I got older, it's definitely a problem I need to work on.
Can't wait to read what the winners say in their 10 things!


Leigh said...

Thank you so much, Alicia!! This is so nice of you!

Today is pretty much my last day of getting things done around the office before I start my leave, so I may not post this up on my blog w/my 10 things until later tonight...stay tuned!!

Thanks again!!

That's What She Said said...

Thanks Alicia! You are a doll.

I've deleted my blog and restarted.. Well fixing to!

Lyr said...

Oh you are more than welcome!! I just love reading your blog too! I’m scared to death of losing my son. I have fears that I will walk into his bedroom and just not wake up. Ugg… I can’t imagine my mom dieing either! On a lighter note… I AM in LOVE with Pedicures!!!!!!!!!!