Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

Last night at the last second we decided to go downtown to join in on the All Star Game festivities. We figured we should enjoy the experience even if we could not go to the game like we would have loved, but couldn't since the tickets were a bazillion $$. What is it with these brokers and scalpers buying practically all the tickets and selling them for wayyyyyyyy over face value? It should be illegal I think. The cheapest tickets we saw online was like $450 a seat, which would actually go for about $30 or less. It is absurd! Ok off my we went to Mike Shannon's with a couple of people and just soaked in all in. We had such a good time and from where sat on the patio we could see half of the stadium seats since it is an open stadium. I really enjoyed the pregame stuff, and it was amazing how loud it was when everyone cheered on Albert Pujols. Hopefully it won't be another forty something years until the All Star Game comes back to the Lou, the hubs and I are going no matter what next time. I am so glad that we went, although I am a bit sleepy today at work. I am not used to going out during the week.

On another note, 5 more days of work and then we go to Key West. I am definitely ready for this little getaway. We have lots of stress and I almost considered not going, but we decided it is probably best to just enjoy ourselves a little. I am getting excited!


RCaitlin said...

Ahh most of my family lives in St. Louis and I had a couple cousins go watch the game. I'm sure it was CRAZY though. Those prices are outrageous!

Lyryn said...

Glad you had a great time!!! OH my word… I’m so freaking jealous! Key West!!!! I can’t wait to hear about it!