Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh Where Did October Go?

Between the stress of school, work, and all the other things in my life that have been crazy, October has almost passed me by in a glance. It seems like yesterday I was just celebrating my 24th birthday (10/4) and now there is only 2 days left this month. The reason this month passed by so quickly probably has a lot to do with the fact that school work has taken over my life. And from the looks of the syllabus, next month is going to be just as bad. I am ready for December, then I will have some time off until I start back up in February. We also have a wedding the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weekends in November, I never knew it was such a popular month to get married. Don't get me wrong I love weddings, but with everything I have going on it is hard to enjoy them as well as I would like. I am really looking forward my friend Tricia's wedding November 15th. Ryan and I are both in the wedding and I know we all are going to have so much fun. I think my biggest problem is that with everything going on (extra long hours at work and piles of homework) I feel as if I am in a rut. I am trying my best to enjoy life and keep my spirits up, I cannot let these things get me down. I have my good days and bad days and today is one of those pretty good days.

I am looking forward to Friday, Halloween! Ryan and I are dressing up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. I must say though, I am thankful I was not born with orange hair, it does not suit my complexion very well. We got the costumes in the mail on Monday and we both still need to try them on. They should be fine since Ryan has already tried it on in the store and it fit perfectly and tried on the medium in the store and it was pretty big. They did not have any smalls anywhere so that is why we ordered them. I will post a pic of us sporting our costumes next week sometime. Also, for those you that have facebook or myspace I added a ton of pics. I tend to store months of them up on my camera and then download them at once. Well I better get back to work.

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