Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a crazy bag lady...

I have been tagged (http://www.threeladiesandadad.com/) to reveal the purse that I am carrying. And here it is. First off, I am obsessed with purses. I LOVE them! I could buy a new one everyday. I always buy fun ones that I find on sale, well until this past Sunday. I have been eyeing this one since around Christmas. It costs a pretty penny and I kept convincing myself that I could not spend the money on this purse. On Sunday I had a moment of weakness. I was walking through Macy's getting a gift for my friend's birthday and just told myself, "What the heck, I work hard, I deserve to buy something nice for myself!" So I DID it, I paid $298.00 for ONE purse! Now I am feeling guilty. I am questioning if this was the best choice. I know that I really do want one really nice purse, but is this the one? I now possibly have a case of buyer's remorse.
It is ironic that I was tagged to blog about this because here is how my conversation with my husband with last night:
Me: "Babe, so I bought a purse that costs $300.00."
Ryan: [laughing] "Is it the one that have been talking about for two months?"
Me: "Umm, yes. But, now I feel like I should maybe return it ."
Ryan: "Why? You deserve to splurge once in a great while."
Me: "Well it is not just the money, I was looking on the Coach website yesterday and they are coming out with new stuff and I saw one I really like too. Maybe I should have waited?"
Ryan: "Why don't you just go look at the new stuff with your new one and then you will know which one you like best, side by side. This way you won't second guess yourself after that."
Me: [smiling] "Maybe I should just get both?"
Ryan: "I don't think so."
So this is where I will be after work. Wish me luck I will let you know how it goes.
I am supposed to tag some other ladies to showcase their bags, but I only know a few people on here and Alaina you already tagged them. I guess that means I need to get some blogger friends. :)

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Alaina said...

I have to say, I like the second one you emailed me. It is the black one with silver accents the best. But, in my eyes, I think which will match my clothes more.

All of them are super cute though!!