Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Goals

So this was a post that I planned for February, but it never happened. So here I go..

1. Lose weight! By August 2008 I was two pounds from my goal weight. I was so excited, but then as the cold weather crept up so did the pounds. I lose all motivation in the winter. So for March my goal is to get back on track. I am not going to say I want to lose x amounts of weight, but just getting back to a healthy eating routine it my main goal.

2. This may sound weird, but right now I feel like a lazy bum. I know I am busy all the time, but at the same time I have no motivation to do the things I need to do. I get them done, but always at the last minute and it is torture. It is almost like I am depressed or something, Ryan has noticed a difference in me also. This month I want to be positive and try and get out of this funk I am in!

3. I am not what would be considered as super religious, but I do pray regularly and go to church. Something I would like to achieve this year is to continue strengthening my relationship with God. I feel like it is going well, I just have one problem. My husband, he has no desire to go to church, I do not think that he prays, and when he does go to church he complains that the sermons are boring. I know that he was not brought up the same way that I was and they only went to church on special occasions, but I want him to also have a strong relationship with God. When he did go to church with his family they always brought his Grandma with them. Now he associates church with her and he is overcome with grief each time he goes, because they were so close. Last weekend we went to church with his family because his Dad has joined their family church. When they played his Grandma's confirmation song his mom bawled. So this only strengthend his discomfort. I try to tell him that his grandma would not want him to feel this way. I know this is not something I can force and he has to want it also. Before we have kids I want us both to be good examples to our children. Does anyone has any suggestions? I am lost on how to help him.

I hope March will bring lots of warmer weather!

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Alaina said...

Good luck with all of them! I know with the religion one, finding a church that you both enjoy is key. It made a world of difference here.