Monday, April 12, 2010

WELCOME TO THE WORLD......................

LUKAS DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister delivered this little guy Sunday April 11th at 12:40 am. She was a trooper. She had been having contractions on Saturday, but they were sporadic and never consistent. Then all of sudden they started full force and were 6 minutes apart. By the time she got to the hospital they were 2 minutes apart and she was dialated to a 7. Apparently, you have to get bloodwork done before they can administer the epidural. Needless to say, Lukas was not waiting for that business. She progressed from a 7 to a 10 in less than 30 minutes and so my sister delivered him au natural. David and my mom said she did amazing, even with having to wait to push since once she started the rounds of pushing the contraction slowed down to every 5 minutes. I was so sure I was going to hear her screaming from down the hallway, but not a peep. We are all so proud of her and our newest addition to the family. Can't wait to spoil him rotten. :)

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