Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby on the Brain

It has been almost two weeks since I shared our exciting news with blogger world, so now I am almost 10 weeks! Yesterday we had our first "big" appointment where we were asked lots of questions, told lots of information, and I had several things of blood drawn to check "things." I just love how I can no longer recall what all the "things" were, I only remember two (to check my thyroid and to see if I was a carrier of the gene for CF). I swear I have lost some of my brain once becoming preggo. My husband agrees, he said I get confused sometimes talking to him, and that is not like me. I hear this is normal so I'm guessing I'm not the only one?

Starting at 12 weeks I will start posting little stats about my pregnancy every other week to keep everyone up to date and to also have something for me to look back on.

One thing I was surprised about is the number of ultrasounds given in pregnancy or should I say the lack there of. I guess from watching movies and such I was under the impression that we would get one almost every time we went to the doctor. I found out they really only do 2 or 3. I already had one at 6 weeks (I am having lots of morning sickness as you already know so they wanted to make sure I just had 1 lil peanut in there and because of some pain I was experiencing on the right side). At 6 weeks our peanut was very small and hard for us to see without the tech pointing it out. We did get to hear the heartbeat which was the most amazing thing ever. I will never forget the look on Ryan's face when he heard it, so precious! I was told that every other time we go to the doctor we will get to hear our baby's heartbeat through a Doppler. So at 12 weeks I go back so I am hoping we get to hear it then.

We already have to start making some decisions for a our lil peanut. The doctor gave us several pamphlets on optional tests that we can have done. One is a first trimester quad screening and nuchal translucency test. We are having a hard time deciding if we want the tests. It is such a hard decision; it would great to have the tests and hear everything is normal, but on the other hand I hear there are lots of false positives that cause lots of worry and more testing. I need some feedback on this and I welcome all opinions.

Have a nice weekend!

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Leigh said...

Hi Alicia! Personally I opted not to do some of the extra tests - my doctor's office makes us do the nuchal thing on our own, like an at home blood test (just pricked finger but still) I figured if it's not important enough that the office does it standard, then I didn't want to do it. Plus since I wasn't high risk cause of age or anything, the dr. confirmed it wasn't a big deal to skip it.

I was surprised about the u/s thing too. I had read so many blogs featuring tons of u/s but I think for the most part those were probably either high risk or b/c they were working with reproductive specialists so more monitoring was done.