Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recap of our long weekend

Ryan and I left Thursday evening after work to head to the lake. I typically work Fridays from home since I do a flex schedule and my day ends at 11:30 am.

On Friday morning I worked from the condo while Ryan did some errands and got the boat ready for the weekend. In the afternoon 2 of our 4 guests arrived and we set out on a boat ride. We took a long ride on the calm part of the lake and just took in all the sights. We stopped at Captain Ron's for a dinner that was so delish and then headed back to the condo where we met up with our other 2 guests we were expecting. The night consisted of hanging around the condo and chatting.

On Saturday we all woke up and lounged around the condo till about 11. Then we set out on the boat. We took a short drive (the water was choppier than on Friday) ate lunch at Gator's and then met up with friends in a cove to swim and mingle. Most weekends we are at the lake we don't take long drives on the boat since I am preggo. My doctor assures us that it is okay to ride in a boat, just no water sports (tubing, skiing, jet skis etc). I still get nervous if it gets too rough so we just take it easy and ride the calmer areas of the lake and cove out and swim with friends. Totally worth it to me for the peace of mind.

On Sunday we all woke up a little later and set out on the boat again. We didn't make it too far till I determined a boat ride was not going to happen today. It was too rough to ride for my liking.We then spent the rest of the day anchored and tied up to a boat with some friends we have down at the lake. We enjoyed snacks from the boat and dinner from a dock restaurant within short swimming distance. I was spoiled and my hubby pulled me there on a raft. We watched the condo's display of firework from the boat and then headed in for the night. I think that was the longest I have ever been in a boat. We wrapped up the evening on the deck telling stories and chatting.

Monday we woke up and us girls picked up the condo and the boys cleaned the boat. After we made it back home from the lake we unpacked and headed to dinner with Ryan's family to celebrate his sister's graduation from grad school.

All in all in was a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend. Hope the rest of you had fun and were able to relax some. :)

Now the countdown to vacation is on. 3 days of work left!!!

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My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I was so wishing for some water and sun this weekend so I'm totally jealous! Sounds like fun.