Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Adventure: Kelly's Kids

When I was pregnant and we were on vacation in Destin. FL we met a mom and her two sweet little girls. She is from Louisiana and they all had the cutest accents. Besides their accents, one thing I noticed right away was the clothes that her two daughters wore. They were adorable and not just the "oh that is a cute outfit" adorable, but the "seriously I HAVE to have some of these ridiculously cute clothes for my unborn daughter" adorable! I finally asked her where did she shop for her daughters' clothes and she told me about Kelly's Kids. At the time they really didn't have a line for infants so I knew I would wait till she was a bit older. (Now that they have infants clothes too!)

Fast forward to now and I finally decided to act on this and check out Kelly's Kids. I found out that they don't have a store anywhere near me (their only actual physical store is in MS) and that really Kelly's Kids is more of a party type sales company. After some research and discussing it with my husband I decided that I wanted to be a Kelly's Kids sales rep. So this will be my first season and I am not sure how much time I can put in to it since I have a big girl, but I am going to give this a good shot.

Here is my shameless plug. :) Check out my Kelly's Kids website, you will love their stuff, for both girls and boys! The awesome thing is that if you see stuff that you love you can always have an e-party through me and get 10% of the sales towards free clothes! Easy peasy!

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