Friday, November 21, 2008


If you read my blog back in June, I mentioned all of the things that we still would like to do to our house. One of the main things that needed work is the basement. While it is finished we still did not have a couch. Well, this week finally decided on something and we received it yesterday. We have it all set up and it feels great to get this off of our to do list. The set we got is above. Sorry I cannot figure out how to get it to go in the body of blog where I want it. Alaina I need some blogging lessons. :)
Also, since my last blog we have set up our spare bedroom and I bought a few things to hang on the walls. Now I just need to get Ryan to hang them up. Our bedroom has new curtains and is the one room that is 100% done to my taste. In the living room I have a few things on the wall now, I plan to ask for some other items I have had my eye on for xmas. After that the living room will also be done. The kitchen just needs a few finishing touches, but nothing major. The next major project will be the bar area in the basement and basement bathroom, which we are completely redoing. We plan to get these projects going in January. After that only one thing left and that is ripping up all of our carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors underneath. The hardwood is beautiful and original from when the house was built over 5o years ago, but has been covered for most part because carpet was in style all these years. I am really pumped and cannot wait until we have the hardwood floors exposed! I am anticipating the day when all our home improvement projects will be completed. Oh the joys of home ownership!

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Alaina said...

I love it!!! Jeremy and I are shopping for new furniture for the living room...we may have to come up there and go shopping!!