Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Key West In Pictures

These are all pics from my SIL's camera, I still have yet to upload mine (I know by now I have at least a bazillion pics from this year on my camera that need uploaded to my computer). Next post I will give a little more insight in to the vacay.

View from room


We went on a pub crawl and so we wanted pics of all the places we went. :)

Matt and Melissa (Ryan's brother and his wife)

Laurie and Cory (Ryan's sister and her husband)


Right behind here is where Jimmy Buffets records all his albums

Enough said!

My fav

The whole gang in the world's smallest bar
The End. :)


Lyr said...

HOLY! That place looks amazing! Those are fabulous photo… and I must say that I LOVE that shower!!! Ha! ;)

Katie said...


thank you! i'll head over to kelly's blog now.

thanks a ton..


ps: that place looks fantastic!

Alaina @ Three Ladies and a Dad said...

Love the pictures!