Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Randomness....

So after tomorrow (I have tonight off) I will be halfway through my fall intersession class, only 2 more weeks. Can I a whoop, whoop!! I am glad that it is flying by, but then I remember that I still have a 15 page paper to write and a final to take. Let's hope these both go smoothly.
I have everything for the hubby's anniversary present bought and just waiting on 2 more items to arrive in the mail. I am so glad that I do not have class today because 1 of them is scheduled to arrive late this afternoon and I know he will know what it is if he see the package. I will fill everyone in on what he is getting once it all has arrived. The bummer part is I have class the evening of our anniversary, boo.

One of my best friend's had a baby girl at the end of July. It was so exciting for my close knit group of friends since she was the first one. I did a little shopping on Etsy to get her a few personalized things since they did not find out what they were having and everything they have right now is pretty gender neutral. It is a crime if a little girl does not have pink galore! The stuff I ordered arrived yesterday so I am going to take some pics of them and post it tomorrow so be on the look out. I know that I would not be able to not find out, it would drive me crazy, I guess I am too much of a planner.

This weekend we are going to the lake. I am hoping for great weather. I just want to lay out on the boat and relax!

Last here a some photos from this year of me with some of favorite people(I finally downloaded them all to my computer and added them to FB and Myspace.)

Me and my lil sis

Jenny Lynn and I @ St. Patty's Day

Me and the hubby after the PBR

Laurie and I on her bachelorette party

Stacey and I @ the Hermen's wedding

Hubby and I @ the All Star Game

Ryan riding the carousel with Landon @ the Coal Fest
Tricia and I @ the lake

Me and my lil sis @ the lake

We love each other :)

My family eating dinner @ the lake

This is a pic of our future baby from the gene machine @ Dave & Buster's


Katie said...

I am loving all those pictures...and think that you will make cute babies ;) haha...

do you live near NYC?!? I've been to the st. pattys day parade, too!


Alicia said...

Thanks! Nope we live in St. Louis, they have a pretty big parade to every year, actually two. So fun!