Friday, January 29, 2010

Praise!!! It's Friday!!!

This week was so long, I am not sure why, but it lasted a lifetime it seems. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but unfortunately it will probably be alone. The hubs is most likely heading to the lake with his buddy and dad to check on the boat and help out with some work that needs to be done on his friend's lake house. I am glad that he is able to help them out, but I am going to be so bored. Especially if it snows like they predict, then I won't be leaving the house.

Speaking of the impending weather, if we get enough snow they will likely not go. It is wrong that I am praying for lots and lots of snow. I know! Shame on me!!!

If nothing else I know I will enjoy my weekend watching TV, snuggling with my pup, and dreaming of our trip to Mexico in 22 days!

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone. :)