Friday, February 12, 2010

And it is Friday.....

This week was long, really long, maybe it was the snow and the weather, but I am so thankful that Friday is finally here.

Today I only have a half day of work. Hopefully sometime this afternoon I can get Brodie in to get him groomed, he is long overdue. My hubby wants to attend the boat show after dinner and then he has a late night hockey game. I really don't think I will make it out for that one, to late for this old lady. Ha!

Tomorrow is the big Mardi Gras thing in STL, but we will not be going. The only reason I like to go is to catch up with so many people that come in town for it that I have not seen for awhile, but truthfully it's not my thing. So the hubby and I are having another couple and their little boy Grant over to have dinner and do a movie night. Now that is my kinda thing.

Sunday is Valentine's Day! So we will be doing a dinner and maybe even a movie. We don't have reservations yet so who knows where we are going.

Look for my post on Monday about all the wonderful goodies I received in the mail from Taryn from the Love Swap, she spoiled me!

Have a great weekend everyone and a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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