Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby on the way.......

.....NOT so fast, by baby I mean, baby DOLL!

Ha, don't be too mad that I had you going oh yay!

Layla has really started to take an interest in one of her baby dolls that she has had for a long time. She loves to give her hugs and kisses. She is beginning to enter the stage where she expresses motherly type nuturing and I want to help her with that. I saw a little girl with a baby doll that I know Layla would love so I had to get it for her. This baby has a pacifier (Layla can totally relate as she is a paci baby) and also has a bottle. Layla no longer takes a bottle and I know she will love feeding her baby. When you lay the baby doll down her eyes close and the baby is the perfect size for Layla and looks so real. I was sold when I found out that it was also Phtalate BPA Free. I am so excited to for this doll to arrive. I searched online and this is where I found it the cheapest.

I also ordered the stroller that is a part of the Les Classiques line that the baby doll is in. I cannot wait to see Layla pushing her baby all around! 

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Tatiana said...

that's too cute. I'm sure she'll love it :-)