Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've been keeping a secret...

well sorta, but I'll explain. A little over a month ago I found out about a 4D ultrasound place that was super close to our house. They had a fabulous Mother's Day special for a 2 part 4D ultrasound. The first part could be done as early as 16 weeks where they would also tell us what we were having if they could tell. The second is done later in pregnancy where you can pretty much tell exactly what your baby will look like. We decided to do it. The idea of being able to know 3 weeks earlier what our sweet little baby was thrilled us. The lady doing our ultrasound said she was 100% sure what we were having so we found out at 16 weeks and 1 day!

I decided not to share this until we have our mid-pregnancy ultrasound at the doctor's office and they confirm (hopefully no surprises), since I have heard that sometimes when people find out early it is not always correct. We have this ultrasound this week on Thursday. I will share then what we are having. Hopefully they confirm, otherwise I have a lot of returning to do since I just could not resist a little shopping. So stay tuned for a bump update with pictures this week and gender reveal on Friday. :)

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