Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maternity Clothes

For as long as I could I wore stretchier shirts and a BellaBand with my pants until about 3 weeks ago, when I hit the point where I NEEDED maternity clothes. My pants were becoming a pain to keep up with the just the BellaBand so I gave in and went shopping. I was pretty excited about this, until I actually started the process of shopping.

I ordered a few things from Old Navy online. The stuff looked so cute, but in person it seriously looked awful on me. I only ended up keeping one shirt. I also went to Target. They have some good basic items, the problem is apparently everyone in my area wears my size. I could only find one pair of capris in my size that I liked. I toured all the various Motherhood Maternity/Destination Maternity/Pea in the Pod stores. I managed to get a few shirts and bottoms that I was satisfied with. I also found a few items at Gap and got a pair of Long and Lean maternity jeans that I love.

Check them out:

Did I mention that I LOVE the full panel. This surprises me because I was sure I would like the medium one. The full panel is comfortable and smooths everything out. I feel like at this stage the medium panel cuts my bump in half and makes me just look chubby not pregnant.

I now have a couple different bottoms and tops. I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy shirts that I can. After three weeks I feel like I am already tired of wearing these outfits. I need more stuff, but have no idea where else to go. I have also visited a more expensive boutique and I really like a lot of their stuff. But in reality I can't make myself spend $80 on a shirt. I would definitely consider doing so a great pair of jeans though. I have found one brand that has lots of super cute stuff, Olian. It may definitely be my go to brand for when I need a special outfit.

Right now I am looking for a dress for the several weddings we have this summer/fall. They are all different groups of people for the most part so one good dress would do the trick. Now I just need to find it. If any of you have any tips/suggestions for stores or websites that have some good maternity dresses, please send them my way! Also, just maternity clothes stores in general, I will take any leads I can get. Thanks!!

Take a peak at this Olian dress I drooling over, just wish I could find it in my size. :(


from C to C said...

Where did u get your belly band from?

Leigh said...

That's a good tip about Gap. When I was pregnant years ago I bought full panel jeans but then this past year all the places I bought maternity clothes from only had low waisted pants, which fell down CONSTANTLY. I liked the full panel much better and felt much more covered.

I'd recommend buying any sort of long shirts you can, maybe short sleeved stuff? That way you can wear them this summer with a skirt or jeans and then in the fall layer longsleeved shirts under them and/or add a long cardigan.

Meredith said...

For me, the full panels worked the best too, and they also worked MUCH better postpartum than the half panel ones.