Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nursery Loot

After we found out that Baby R was a girl the shopping began. We purchased all of her furniture online at Babies R Us.

Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib

Storkcraft Aspen 5 Drawer Chest

Storkcraft Aspen Changing Table

I already had the bedding picked out (Ryan had agreed) and planned on ordering it as soon as we found out. Once we found out we were having a girl Ryan starting second guessing the bedding choice. You see I was always saying if I ever had a little girl she would not have a room that looked like a pink explosion. So the bedding we had picked out was red, sage green, black, and silver. He decided that it was not baby enough and looked too modern. Plus he said he wanted his little girl to have girly things. I am so glad that he spoke up because I love what we found instead.

Pink and Lime Paisley Splash by Baby Sam

Ryan's parents were so generous and bought us the chair and matching ottoman that we wanted. They are the same green color that is in her bedding (not the chocolate chenille type material I have shown below, they only have this one online for some reason) and are soft and oh so comfy. We are so thankful that we ordered when we did because to be able get the plain green we had to custom order it which takes 12-14 weeks. So hopefully there are no delays beyond that or we will be pushing it!

Newco Serenity Classic Glider and Ottoman

Tonight we finalize our choices for the paint colors and Ryan will paint hopefully next week. He already has all the furniture up and in place (minus the chair of course). I took pictures this morning and will do a nursery sneak peek with all the furniture set up before the painting begins.

I don't know about everyone elses' experiences, but I am having so much fun finding ideas and getting things ready for her room. 19 more weeks!


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I heart gliders!!!

Tracey said...

I had no idea until I was pregnant how much a good glider cost!! You are lucky to have the help of family. I love the nursery and your blog. Its nice to follow a soon to be new mom like yourself!

-Tracey from